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A New Section.

2009-12-08 05:00:58 by albatross412

A new VGEC section I might commission. It's called "When I Feel Like It", a review section that allows any member to post a review completely made by them from any game at any time period. 4 months after a game's release or even four years years. Do it when you Feel Like It and give a congregated score out of ten or whatever you want because it's your review. But I would like to seem some truly thorough reviews that are in turn unbiased and this is no opportunity to take advantage and completley bash a game to death. All reviews will go into the VGEC list index. I want a vote on this by my VGEC members because I won't commission something without them knowing. Voting will end after this list. Plus, check out Thelightning55 for our next poll and eightball6219 and suggest a videogame clash-up. The new section (if commissioned will start after our celebrity cameo list (which should be up by tonight).

Additionally our next inductee in the VGEC Hall of Gaming is Mortal Kombat's Liu Kang. HIs page will go up before Christmas.

P.S. I got dibs on Super Smash Bros. Brawl for a review.

A New Section.


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2009-12-08 06:58:18

hmm. ive got reviews on my youtube channel. I could write some out. Or just think of new ones. Yeah.

albatross412 responds:

They'd be excellent for building up this particular section.