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Celebrity Cameos in Gaming.

2009-12-18 15:52:19 by albatross412

Your favorite idols of the big screen or even the books were also some of the most beloved or even notorious videogame characters in their day. Let's delve into our favorites.

My Submissions:

Journey-Journey the Arcade Game
It's apparent that Journey was so goddamn big back in the 80's that they even spawned their own game. Although pretty bad, the band still rocks.

The Simspons-The Simpsons Arcade Game
An awesome beat-em-up featuring everyone's favorite yellow family. The game allowed you to utilize each Simpson member (except Maggie) and their unique abilities. You can even pair them up for super attacks that put the hurt on Burns' cronies.

Tony Hawk-Tony Hawk Proskater Series
The Hawk was definitely the king of the vert-ramp but he was also the head of a profitable videogame franchise; especially in the 90s. But Tony Hawk wasn't the only skater; let's not forget favorites such as
Careem Cambel or Mike Valley.

Jean Simmons and Iron Man-Tony hawk Underground
The ton-tongue rocker and the man in the iron suit caught some serious air (and dirt) with their trademark tricks. Such as Jean Simmons tongue grabs and Iron Man's scanner-to-methods. It's more fun than it sounds to play as them.

Spiderman-Tony hawk Proskater 2
The web-slinger could ride my friends. Pitted against the Hawk or the Spider, the Spider is the champ.

Thelightning55's Submissions:

Michael Jackson- Moonwalker
A (less than) fabulous game for the NES, in Moonwalker you play as Michael Jackson (no duh) and save little kids from closets and use special dance moves. An no doubt, but It really makes you wonder how those kids got in there in the first place.

Leonard Nimoy- Civilization IV
This one you probably looked over. The narrations and those quotes, along with a few other clips. Narrated by the one and only Spock! Yep, next time you play, listen closely to the narration and see if you can tell. Things like these pop up in little places.

Bruce Lee- Bruce Lee
Now this one is a LITTLE more obvious. See it? It's Chuck Norris. No. Yes Bruce Lee starred in his game of the same name originally published for the Apple 2 (I think)...but you could never tell with the graphics. At least the title should have given you the hint.

Drew Carey- The Sims: House Party
If your Sim is throwing a rocking party in this sim game, Drew Carey may just show up and mingle with the guests! A nice cameo indeed.

Shaquille O'Neal- Shaq-Fu
For lack of a better example, Shaq makes an appearance in Shaq-Fu. But the game sucked so bad this doesn't need a long or detailed description.

Chillbro's Submissions:

Tiger Woods-Tiger Woods PGA series
Well, I guess the golfer has his own video games now.

John Cena-Smackdown vs Raw series and other wrestling games
Well, it was obvious this guy would be in a wrestling game.

Will Wright-The Simpsons Game
He was only seen in one level, and he wanted to kill the 8-bit Simpsons.

Matt Groening-Another Simpsons Game character
Matt Groening made a cameo in a game based off of his series. Even after he got fired.....

God-Many Games
Well whether he's real or not, he can be considered somewhat of a celebrity.He notably appears in many games, such as the family guy game.

Hellboundsoul07's Submissions:

Appears in 50 Cent: Bulletproof which welllll, was an alright game I guess.
Katt Williams & Ricky Gervais(count it as a 6th if you wish)
These two appear in the comedy clubs of GTA 4

Eightball6219's Submissions:

Ron Perlman- best know for Hellboy and the narrator in the Fallout series, ol' Ronny apparently made a apperance in Halo 3 as Fleet Admiral Hood.
Jack Black- best known for his awesome game Brutal Legend, but Black does make smaller apperances in lesser games usually ones from the movie he was in.

Ray Liotta
Any don't know who he is so he was the asshole detective in Observe and Report and he was Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams. He voice was the antihero Tommy Vercetti in GTA Vice City

James Woods- Peter Griffin's ex-best friend and voice of Hades in Hercules, had cameos in Sacry Movie, Contact, and John Q to name a few. His best know game voice is GTA San Andreas as Mike Toreno.

Liam Neeson
He was the bad guy in the first new Batman movie and Qui-Gon Jin in Episode I. It's a no brainer what I might have chosen as his game voice which is Qui-Gon, but he did a much better job as the Lone Wanderer's father in Fallout 3

Samuel Jackson- Mother Fuckin' Jackson know for many movies cause..well it ain't a movie without him. His voice is known for Mace Windu, but was also in GTA San Andreas as Officer Tenpenny and the voice of Afro Samurai.

Brian Cox- Brian Cox has had many roles in movies, but best known is the role of William Stryker in X2 and Ward Abbot in the Bourne series. His voice was that of the Helghast Lord in Killzone 1 & 2.

The Best Voice: Ozzy Osbourne- If you don't know who he is then where have you been? He's the Prince of Darkness and one of two key people who made Black Sabbath what it is and is best known for songs Iron Man and Crazy Train. In Jack Black's game Brutal Legend he played the Guardian of Metal where when you first meet him you here the same laugh you hear at the beginning of Crazy Train followed by Ozzy forming from Lava and saying to you "Well, it's about Fucking!" Genius. Too bad he couldn't get over his feud with Dio. The two of them as bickering Guardians would have been funny too.

So my apologies to all of my contributing for waiting like an entire month for this list see the light of day. I'm going to do better for this committee. As a condolence I'm posting this rad-ass song for you guys. The song is titled Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man by Powerglove. It is a fusion of the Mortal Kombat theme and Metal Man's theme form Megaman 2.

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P.S. I'm not marking this list as complete. I'm gonna give my members a few days to see if I forgot some submissions or if they want to add more.

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2009-12-18 17:13:20

Lookin good. Worth the wait I say!

albatross412 responds:

Too long of a wait but at least it makes a fitting addition to our index.


2009-12-19 22:38:19

Great list man!

albatross412 responds:

Pretty much YOUR list good sir.