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New List.

2009-12-26 22:38:07 by albatross412

List calling.

-Favorite Fighting Game Characters (due January 2nd)

Feel free to go crazy with this one.


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2009-12-26 23:39:56


albatross412 responds:

Newgrounds Rumble I presume. Sorry this list is for my members only.


2009-12-28 21:06:11

eh. not much of a fighting game person. Tell me what you think of the idea i sent you in the PM.

albatross412 responds:

Saw it. Looks interesting. Think up of anything you can for this list. Trust me, this'll be easy.


2009-12-31 00:42:50

i gotta be honest here, not too into fighting games, but i do have the mortal kombat psp game, i guess ill get some chars from there