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On Second Thought.

2010-01-01 02:18:57 by albatross412

Maybe another list idea is in order for the VGEC. Let's go along with a fun idea that Thelightning55 came up with.

-Best Games for Blowing S**t Up (due January 6)

I guess my fighting character list was less accesible. So see what you can do with this one.


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2010-01-03 17:32:03

I didn't hear what the last list was

albatross412 responds:

It was pretty quick to be dismissed. Don't worry about it.


2010-01-03 19:31:11

when do you want the submits by?

albatross412 responds:

I wanted them by the 6th of this month but I'll take them on the 7th or 8th.