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2009-10-30 06:17:57 by albatross412

Okay as you may or may not know, the next VGEC list is Favorite Videogame Musical Pieces. All I need as submissions are just the name of the song (the real name, not just a theme that you think it may be called). After you submit a few, I will then upload videos (giving credit to the creators of said videos) for each submission. Music efficianados should really like this next list.

I want those submissions by this Halloween at the earliest. The latest is late Sunday. So think long and hard about what you want to submit. I have a new list making process so the list won't appear at barel noticeables uploads at a time. Happy hunting my collaborators. Here's an example (one of my submissions, do not use):

Pleather For Breakfast-No More Heroes
Video Courtesy of Supradarky

/* */
I hope this list goes well because it is up to ALL of my members to make a first in our history

UPDATE: Today's the day submissions are to be put in to me. I expect ALL my members to give me their submissions.

New Lists Underway.

2009-10-29 06:08:44 by albatross412

A premature announcement for our videogame lists to come.

-Favorite Videogame Music (with videos)

-Favortie Celebrities in Gaming (idea by eightball6219)

So if you're a VGEC member and you're seeing this now, you have yourself a nice headstart.

Due date for Music List is this Saturday. Due date for celebrity list is unconfirmed. That is all.

See Our Other Lists and Junk.

The Hall of Gaming Proudly Inducts...

2009-10-27 17:53:12 by albatross412

...the seductive succubus Morrigan Aensland. It is only appropriate that we add this femme fatale around Halloween week.

Developer: Capcom

First Appearance: Darkstalkers

Other Appearances: Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, Darkstalkers 3, Marvel vs. Capcom Series, Tasunoko vs. Capcom (unreleased as of this induction), SNK vs. Capcom, Pocket Fighters Series

Who is Morrigan:
Besides the woman of your fantasies she plays a major role in the (underappreciated) Darkstalkers series. She is the heiress to the Makai throne after the death of her father Belial Aensland. Being an S Class noble or darkstalker her power was too immense to risk the well being of the kingdom. Splitting her power apart, Belial was able to raise Morrigan normally (being none the wiser). But seeing the darkstalker world in trouble, the now grown Morrigan sets off to stop Jedah.
Those familiar with the Darkstalker series may or may not know that Morrigan was originally supposed to be a "cute character" but the roles switched when Felicia was being developed and she was given the concept of a more sexually appealing character.

Playing as Morrigan:
Being a fighter character and the more recognizable face to the serie, Morrigan is a more well-rounded fighter. Her attacks are easier to pull off than most characters but is a more close range fighter when it comes to standard attacks and combos. An excellent starter character with the use of good combo balance and agility. In fact morrigan's moveset was based off of Ken and Ryu's.
In Namco X Capcom and Cross Edge, Morrigan was put into an RPG role. Her attributes were based on Sp. Atk. and Magic.

Morrigan is a Scotland-born succubus with light green hair and appears to wear skin-tight clothing a bit reminiscent of Cammy's leotard from the Street Fighter series with leggings decorated in bat wings. Her outfit is quite revealing around the chest area to dwell on the succubus concept. Having bat wings on her back and even on her head gives a very imaginative feel to the vampire style.

Voice Actors:

-Yayoi Jinguji

-Rei Sakuma-Vampire Hunter: Animated Series

-Kikuko Inoue-Vampire Night

-Yumi Toma-Night Warriors

In All:
There really isn't much more to say about Morrigan. Her history as a videogame character dwindled to near obscurity and she just didn't get as great of run as me and fans of Darkstalkers had hope for. So I want to give this character at least this much, a spot in the VGEC Hall of Gaming.

To The Hall of Gaming.

The Hall of Gaming Proudly Inducts...

You Like Darkstalkers, Click Here.

2009-10-27 06:51:18 by albatross412

Best fighting game ever. Just a reminder that the VGEC Hall of Gaming is putting Morrigan Aensland's page up soon and we're contimplating nominees for November...not by current members though. I want nominees form the NG's community.

We are also working on a new videogame list for all of you to enjoy. So until our new list has been finished (seldom started), please enjoy our other lists about sheer videogame awesomeness.

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The Greatest Videogames of All Time

2009-10-25 12:16:59 by albatross412

Ever wonder what the greatest games of all time were? Of course you do! What helps determine a good game my friend? Well, a legacy everlasting (should be a positive one) and characters to die for really define "Great Games". Let's get compiling.

10: Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube Version: Original)
The first to deliver an "over the shoulder" view in the grungy universe that is Redsident Evil. To find the president's daughter and slaughter a few of the un-dead islanders and cultists on the get-go put you on the edge of your seat and waiting for those split-second button presses to keep your sorry hide in tact. Let's not forget this game introduced the dreaded Iron Maiden.

9: Halo: Combat evolved
This FPS made a world all its own as this is the first game to put you in control of the Master Chief. With the Covenant amuck throughout the station and the entire damn belt, you have no choice but to grab your guns and a few Covenant loins in a vice.

8: Metroid Prime
You always had a fondness for Metroid with its end game twist to reveal Samus Aaron as a woman, and you loved every minute of it. Destroying the Mother Brain was just the tip of the ice-berg to send you running like hell back to your ship before all of Zebes went to an explosive demise. Metroid prime beautifully recreated an entire planet in a lush 3-D world of pure terror and awe. Introducing your newly recreated nemesis Meta Ridley with the returning of your favorite items such as power bombs and missiles all packed into the Nintendo Gamecube's flagship shooter Metroid Prime.

7: Earthworm Jim
Delivering some of the best platforming and powerhouse enemy splatting to date. Spawning some fun sequels but even wackier foes such as Bob the Killer Goldfish,Major Mucus, Chuck and Fifi. Rescuing Princess What's-Her-Name from her sister Queen Slug-for-a-butt. Utilizing your shape-shifting, cow launching, gun slinging abilities is only the beginning. The ports of this game were actually true to its original and even just as good.

6: Super Mario Bros. 3
My childhood wrapped into eight devious and impossible world of what else...awesome. From the dessert to the sky world, the massive toy-like worlds and Bowser's hellish castles, this game wants your soul like a starving dog to a piece of glazed ham dangling on a string just out of its reach. Failure to complete a level and even losing all your lives puts you back at the start of your current world, which is worse than a kick in the teeth. Kings have been transformed into monsters and you got to set things right as you fight for the princess' sake. With that came the fiercest platforming, simple item usage, and the boss fight against Bowser; this time he puts up a fight for real.

5: Street Fighter II
As simple of a game as Street Fighter II you'd expect some easy wins...think again. Easy controls limits your battle possibilities and turns each fight into a pure slug-fest of crossed fingers and black eyes. This game introduced many memorable characters such as Zangief, Blanka, Sagat, Vega, and let's not forget the dreaded Shadoloo leader M. Biso who appeared in the first Street Fighter (unbeknownst a Shadoloo leader). You remember he put your back on the cement on a daily basis...even on level zero. With an original character roster and spammed haidoukens, the memories pour right back.

4: Final Fantasy VII
Are you shocked to see FF7 NOT on the top of the list, or in the top three? I recognize FF7 as one of the greatest games of all time. With above and beyond movie like stories that only a FF7 universe can create and the introduction to the bane of my existence...Sephiroth. Yet it wasn't the first of its kind in truth but they revolutionized turn based RPG's. Fight alongside favorites like Cloud and Cid in a story to topple Sephiroth and his grudge against the humans for being injected with a virus in his mother's womb, but origins can be a bit sketchy. It may be a PS1 release, but it feels WELL beyond its time.

3: Chrono Trigger
The Super NES pulled out all the stops to make a balanced and legendary RPG unrivalled to this day. In truth it was difficult putting this game in front of FF7, but this game is a pioneer and the granddaddy of FF7. Giving us memorable characters such as our favorite protagonist Chrono, Princess Marle, Lucca the inventor, Frog, and the most fearsome villain of all RPG-dome...Lavos. The greates t soundtrack was of its/this time was embedded into our unworthy skulls and even released the soundtrack separately for you to enjoy. The music this game delivered with its character themes such as Lavos' Theme that brung back a nostalgic feel of pure evil and organ pounding. Chrono Trigger is well deserving of at LEAST the third spot.

2: Pac-man
Pac-man was feverous and you can't deny his prominence as one of the most legendary games of all time. Today, it is said if you asked 95% of people if they know who Pac-man is, they would give you above and beyond the expected answer of "yes". Many innuendos of ball-chomping were made (mostly with the canon sequel Ms. Pac-man) but it is what it is. You are a yellow ball eating...balls. But those innuendos soon died when the addiction set in and the difficulty sent a telepathic punch to the nards when those pesky ghosts cut you off and the power pellets went as dry as your quarter count. The arcades were jam packed with kids and even adults who wanted to get a crack at the Pac. In the mid 90's a phenomenon happened when Billy Mitchell set the standard for a perfect score that took an effort of 5+ hours to achieve. The fever was severe.

1: Donkey Kong
Strange that Pac-man didn't get the number one spot but in truth it was nearly a dead tie between these two titans of the arcade. Donkey Kong gave us two of videogames' biggest pioneersof Donkey Kong and Mario (Jumpman at the time). This game alone has accumulated over 100 centuries of game time as declared at the time of The King of Kong's release (yes it has its own movie for those who don't know) and has consumed enough money to stimulate economy (but not today). Being one of the first games to introduce cinematics to a videogame and a concept as black and white as an Oreo cookie; jump over barrels and rescue the damsel in distress. But the levels got harder and would find sweet sustenance on your shiny, round, metallic quarters and as you fed it, it got more hungry. Soon the fireballs and elevators got thrown into the mix and the music kept taunting you with its sheer simplicity as Donkey Kong pounded his chest smiling in triumph as you kept dying and inserting your hard-earned allowance into this devil machine. Still awaiting in arcades to this day, you know you want to play another round, it's just a matter of time. With this, Donkey Kong gets the number one spot.

I would like to thank my entire team: I made this list for them since they helped me learn more about videogames and were awesome enough to share their knowledge with me. So this list is dedicated to them all. Long live the VGEC.

If you're a little sore with FFVII only getting number four on the list: pdq8

For Our Other Lists:

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VGEC Announcements.

2009-10-22 07:52:19 by albatross412

I just want to say the list is finished for Favorite Characters in Gaming. Still got to tweak a few things and get some more submissions but I put it in our index anyway.

Additionally I will be putting Morrigan Aensland's page in the Hall of Gaming soon, sometime this weekend.

See the list here.

Any of my members looking for the newly added list know to go to the index page as linked above.

Thelightning55 is working on a new poll system for gaming, miscellaneous media, and just about anything else. The VGEC will be endorsing/advertising the polls when the mechanics are worked out. Hopefully this VGEC section will be up and running so check back for updates.

New List: Worst Games in History (Experience & Record).

P.S. the VGEC has gotten its own mascot who will appear on every list form here on out. Meet Dizzy.

VGEC Announcements.

Favorite Characters In Gaming.

2009-10-10 14:11:13 by albatross412

A common question amoungst gamers of new and old. "What is your favorite videogame character?" Answers vary and with great reason. Besides, who says you can only have one favorite?

My Favorites:

Taizo Hori-Dig Dug
Taizo certainly dug his way into our hearts with his wacky ways of dispatching his foes. He provided us with memorable and addictive gameplay that we still enjoy to this day.

Klonoa-Klonoa Series
A child-friendly, cheery, and obscure character. Namco pulled out all the simple stops and created a real gem of a character.

Morrigan Aensland-Darkstalkers/Capcom Versus Series
The femme-fatale fighter and succubus brought an insane moveset and a game overshadowed by it's brother series Street Fighter. An honorable character of the 90's fighting game era and a nice piece of eye candy to boot.

Sasquatch-Darkstalkers Series
A rough and tough fighter that in turn is actually pretty adorable. You never would've thought this behemoth could deliver an easy moveset and a place amoung my favorites.

Mario-Super Mario Series
C'mon! How can you have a favorites list without the versatile plumber and most famous videogame character in all of existence?! He jumped his way into our hearts and living rooms for over two decades and still goes strong for the next generation.

Faust-Guilty Gear Series
An oddball of sorts. He brings much charm and humor into any fight. Such a festively wacky fighter and humorous gaming character. So original and fun to play as.

Megaman-Megaman Series
Megaman brought some of the gnarliest platforming to date. With simple controls and rooms of original robot masters to conquer, the Blue Bomber will never die out.

Cactuar-Final Fantasy Series/Mario Hoops: 3 on 3
His appearance is surprisingly misleading. This enemy can bring some serious hurt and can really take a punch. An icon in the Final Fantasy universe.

Like-likes-The Legend of Zelda Series
As annoying as they are, without them the game is that much less fun. I mean the contant fear of your shield being eaten can really put you on your toes.

R.O.B. Reticule-NES System
ROB helped fuel funds for the U.S. Famicom or NES and brought us out of the videogame crash of the mid 80's. Thus videogame market dominion was given to Japan and they would forever cemennt their rule in the videogame industry. However this brought us the most memorable console games despite ROB being a total piece of crap, but a very brave piece of crap.

Cammy-Street Fighter Series
Cammy really brought the pain whilst clad in a camo leotard. Her scissor kicks and roundhouses made a worthy adversary.

M. Bison-Street Fighter
Bison is the pure essence of awesome and the older brother of awesome; awesomeness. His psycho powers and brutal stomps can take a serious toll on one's health bar and that hat is so tasty. I want that F*%$ING HAT! Seriously!

Car-Pole Postion/Pole Position II
This reckless driver really cut corners form the arcade to your very own home. Just remember to twist the joystick, don't tilt it. A common mistake for first timers.

Captain of the Asteroid Ship-Asteroids
Whoever this brave soul is I say God Speed. His precise accuracy in the face of scrambled asteroids that get smaller but faster as they crumble. But you cannot make this fellow tremble.

eightball6219's Submits:

1-7 (seven being the most favorite)

1). Sgt Johnson- Everyone's favorite futuristic Mjor Payne kicks alien ass, chokes Prophets and ravages
Flood all while smoking his signature and favorite Sweet Williams cigars. This Marine is the definition, example and picture for "ass kicker". That's why he's number one on my list of favorite characters.

2). Snake- The guy fights crazy ass super soldiers, cyborg ninjas, eats adn coughs up packs of cigarettes, sleeps with double agents and hot sexy female team members and blows up giant mechanical tanks just to save the world. And he does this with the standard weapondry used in todays fighting forces (except teh battlesuit). The man makes a mullet look cool, stops nukes and shits awsomeness. Snake is the very image that every kid dreams he is when playing "soldier" at age eight. Snake's story may be a little confusing, but he continues to be awsome (both father and clone) and has not only a successful console title, but a successful handleheld system title.

3). Brother Captain Davin Thule-Blood Ravens 5th Company- By now you all know I like Warhammer 40K's Space Marines. They're basically if you took the Knights Templar adn trained them to use a M-16 on steriods and threw them against mutants, aliens and heratics. Davin Thule is like a extreme version of these guys kicking ass and taking names and in the Dawn of War II game, after getting mauled by Tyranid Rippers and poisoned he gets a chance to live on and be even more epic: He becomes a Dreadnaught (think giant hulk of walking metal armed to the teeth with guns and missles and has a voice that if you heard it in real life, you'd shit your pants regardless of what side its on). Thule knows how to kill Xenos in style and is one of the reasons why the Blood Raven Space Marines are epic soldiers.

4).Bass- Look I like Megaman just as any other fan of the game does, but let's give a little credit to his evil version that got the cooler color and badass weapondry/counter part: BASS. Megaman has a dog that he rides like a surf board, Bass has a WOLF that tranforms him into a flight mode with even more powerful guns. Plus in Megaman&Bass he had the better powers ( I thought so).

5). Wario- Mario's sort of evil negative that has a weird color sceme, but is rich bitch! Unlike Mario he didn't JUMP on an enemy's head to kill them. No he slammed into them with his arm. The guy beat the crap out of his enemies like it shold have been all along. Don't get me wrong. I love Mario games. They're fun and addicting, but Wario's games are just better in some cases. They're fun, challanging, sometimes frustating (Warioland 3 with getting all the keys) and have funny stories and enemies. Plus the guy deals with explosives and is not a goody two shoes 24/7. Sometimes being evil is fun.

6). The Master Chief-not the number one favorite, but close. The man did more than that pretty boy Link could ever do. He took on entire Hordes of savage aliens and mutant Flood, flew through space to place a bomb in a enemy ship and destroyed it, he saved a whole planet and destroyed countless alien artifacts. The man's compelling story adn awsome games to continue to entertain the masses and the video game story leaves a lot of holes open so that many future games can be made. Let's see Link take on a pissed of Chiefatan with a Grav Hammer

7). Boba Fett- This guy screams awsomeness. He's a Mandalorian (for those who don't know what that is, google it and educate yourself. His suit has wrist flame throws and missiles. The guy hasn't been in to many games, mostly as a boss but always presents a difficult battle for the boss and hsi dad had one hell of a game that closed up a few holes in the Fett family history. There's really not much mre I can say other than: If you hate Boba Fett it's because 1). You're fucking lame ass pansy that needs to keep watching anime and mind your own buisness or 2). You don't know who he is and needs to do more goole searches adn find out who he is. We need another Fett game that isn't Battelfront three (eventhough I wan t that game ot come out. What he needs is his own game, a origins game or one that tells his rise of the Mandalian way in his life

Thelightning55's Submits:

Crono- Chrono Trigger - From one of my personal favorite games, Crono starts off as an unknown hero with a simple sword in his hands. Throughout his journey he becomes friends with a group of heroes, all with the same goal. Without saying a word, Crono became a life like, emotional character, landing him a stop on his list.

Samus Aran- Metroid Series- The big surprise at the end of the original Metroid was that this babe was well..a babe! Ever since Samus has captured the hearts and fantasies of male gamers everywhere, and can be considered a role model for females. And who doesn't love that zero suit!

Captain Falcon- F-zero/Super Smash Bro's series- FAAAAALLLCCOONN PAAWWWNNNCCHH!!!!!! Need I say more?

Link- The Legend of Zelda series - The silent protagonist that somehow shows more emotion than many fully voiced characters. Nintendo you've done it again. This hero dressed in green always gets the neat upgrades and usually the all important master sword. He's just that cool.

Tom Nook- The Animal Crossing series - He's the man in the suit, and apron. He's the source of evil causing your constantly empty wallet. Look in your wallet only to see crumbs, a shopping card, and maybe a spare bell or two.... *wind blows* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKK!!!!!
!!!!!!! But still, the fact that he's always there to supress your bulging wallet and add onto your house is enough to love this little guy. But be careful, if you hug him, make sure your wallet is at home.

Blacksun256's Submits:

Glitch-Always the oddball amoung his partners but he turns out to be the most capable of any of them. Being the last of his kind he takes it on himslef to take out gnereal Corrosive in the name of his fallen people...even if it means returning home.

Krunk-Krunk's foul-mouth can only be surpassed by his adept inventing skills. Making the control tether (see Favorite Itmes Hero or Villain) and the RAT vehicle, Krunk is bad with the mouth and a welding gun.

Travis Touchdown-This stereotypicial Otok assassin can only think with his penis but MAN can he fight! His smurai/luchadore fighting style puts any adversary to shame, from assassing 11-1, nobody would dare oppose him or even his cat Jeane.
Gordon Freeman-Gordon was just an everyday man until his colleagues experiments went to hell and attacked the lab. When he survived such an ordeal, he had to deal with an entire CITY! His only faithful companion is the crowbar at his side.

GLaDOS-The sadistic Portal program. With promises of cake, hilarious commentary, and her iconic song "Stay Alive". What's not to love about this psychopathic program?

CAPTAIN F*CKING FALCON-I guess it all comes down to the Falcon Punch. This iconic move in the fighting game world and amoungst Nintendo fans alike is seriously the ultimate move. C' know you want to scream it to the heavens...FALCON PUNCH!!!

Badgerfrank10's Submits:

gordon freeman- its a good thing that his MIT education was all he needed to fend off an alien empire using advanced weapons systems....and crowbars...

you see....sheb: this from dawn till dusk fallout 2 reference had even "brahmin booty, ghoul booty, even deathclaw booty!"

unkown pilot-galaga
this guy was an ace with a ship, mastering the complex left to right evasion manuever

kain-blood omen series
kain was/is a noble turned vampire after being overrun by bums when he was kicked out of a bar, now he conquers any individual, organization, or group that would dare stand against him, really fun to play, felt like playing a tank, not indestructible, but pretty friggin invincable

lame ass rival-pokemon series
the dialogue between the two of you is so bad, its gilarious, and you could never lose to him in your LIFE.

Chime's Submits:

Corpral Heart from Timesplitters

That was my favorite character, because of her look, and her attitude. It was just great, and she made a very dramatic death scene. She was the greatest partner to Cortez, just for those things and the fact they looked so... fitting.

Knights of the Nine from TES: Oblivion

They were awesome, but horrible in groups, because they always focused on one enemy. They easily started riots, but they had depressing discussions about the dead knights later on. Another favorite for drama.

Any dwarf.

Come on, they are fucking awesome. They drink, beat the shit out of all their enemies, and are the heartiest characters usually.

Chillbro's Submits:

That Guy from Contra-Well,he was a badass,but still had his flaws.

DK-An ape.An ape who was at 1st a bad guy,but now he's good.

Bowser-You gotta wonder why he isn't dead,cause he always just comes back.

Link-The classic guy with a sword,who for some reason has a wierd name.

Snake-Could anyone be more badass?

Perfectedidiot2's Submissions:

Megaman Trigger-The Blue Bomber...except with more hair.

Zero -The sword wielding, Maverick slaying badass in the red helmet. Het ready for some serious Robot Master slugfests.

Snake-Snakes high IQ and mastery of several languages doesn't even rival his ability with the ladies...and blowing things up.

Shadow-The evil twin of Sonic cas aside by his parents at birth...
Perfectedidiot2:...whispers some more... bad.
...created aboard the Space Colony Ark as the ultimate weapon he fights for his love, and doesn't think twice to sacrifice his life.

Sonic-Acid and Red Bull really don't go well together but hey, if it gets me in Brawl...GLUG GLUG GLUG GLUG GLUG!

To The List Index.


2009-10-03 10:28:42 by albatross412

To the VGEC:

A small lack of submissions calls for a list postponement until this Sunday. But the list WILL go up by then.

Postponed List:

-Favorite Overall Characters in Gaming

That is all.

VGEC October Announcements.

2009-09-30 20:00:28 by albatross412

Just letting my members know the list's deadline is approaching for "Overall Favorite Characters".

Additionally our next list will be a must, "Worst Games of All Time"; this is an opinion list so don't get worked up if one of your favorite games make the list.

Finally a new Hall of Gaming character is announced; Darkstalker's Morrigan Aensland will have her very own page in the VGEC Hall of Gaming.

Win a spot on the Hall of Gamers list by answering this gaming question (no VGEC members are allowed to answer):

This was amoungst one of the good (seldom plentiful) games in the Virtual Boy line-up that used simple illusory techniques for 3-D. What game is it?

This question could have a few answers but I'll only accept the best. One guess per user.

See all of our gaming lists (and other pages) here:

VGEC List Index

New List Announcement.

2009-09-27 14:29:09 by albatross412

Alright it's time the VGEC does what it does best, videogame lists. If any VGEC members are seeing this now, they've got themselves a nice headstart.

Videogame List Subject:

-Favorite Characters In Gaming

Again if any current members are reading this now I want those submissions by this Friday.

That is all.