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Paper waves Paper waves

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Slow Goer.

Now there are a few things this flash does right, creativity and visual apeal. But all else falls flat. The 3-D effect is a very original touch but doesn't do gameplay a good deal of justice. The effect makes it difficult to percieve where obstacles are and where safe areas can be safely accessed. This visual problem can indeed be solved with the afformentioned glasses but in the end, how many people have those laying around? I'm sure the appeal would skyrocket but it makes the game a little exclusive to the ones who DON'T have the glasses. The gameplay is simple but has a slow difficulty spike that is pretty stubborn and the monotonous music (although fitting the theme) makes this an underwhelming experience.

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Etherena Beta Etherena Beta

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Frantic Blur.

Believe me I love 2-D fighters, I breathe them but there is something that Etherena Beta does wrong with it. With cons first I didn't like the control. Too senstive and fast-paced to enjoy to its unknown fullest, I could've swore this was inspired by DBZ Budokai or even Teinkaichi (but those weren't that great) but with only TWO characters to use I couldn't find myself playing anymore than within an hour timepspan. The sheer ability to hit your opponent staggers on the line of "absolute luck and overly precise timing". No juggling allowed here for your attacks pass through your opponent like a knife quite literally made of air and the hyper mode only adds on to the ridiculous pace by making you even faster. That isn't very welcome since CPU controlled opponents can easily time their attacks better than you can and it just plays better with the hyper mode off. The variety of moves in this game is quite impressive with variable effects and ranges that also have different hitboxes. You have six different attacks for melee, projectile, and other specific purposes and each are activated with a single button press. Now this can be a bad thing since the buttons for these attacks span two rows being F, G, and H and V, B, and N but thankfully there is the option to map your commands or customize the controls to your own aesthetic but the default just won't cut it. Since the movemnet and attack buttons are mapped so close it's hard to know what your doing with the ubcomfortable hand placement to your keyboard. So you will need to spare but a moment to customize the controls. My final thoughts is the kicking soundtrack that plays in EVERY battle. An awesome track for a game like this but they are taken from the Guilty Gear series but I can't blame the developer that used them, they are AWESOME songs. But the bad things is the frequent looping; very noticeable with a fade-out every minute or two and a fade-in restarting the song and a prime example would be the City level. The level layout is varied and I really can't verdict it. Some have more platforms than necessary making it easy to run away from your adversary like an epilectic chicken with its head cut off, but others have barely ANY space to move about and you must utilize the pitfall maneuver to keep the battle going. The pitfall maneuver being able to fall to your death and respawn from the top of the screen completely unharmed and damage free making it even easier to run. But in the end the moves are nice, the action is going, and the soundtrack is kickin', but what can be a great game is offset by an overly fast paced gameplay aesthetic, murderous difficutly, and character roster (that being only two characters). There are unlockable modes but the novice player will never see those for a while.

PPGD: Battle in Megaville PPGD: Battle in Megaville

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A Decent Fighter.

The Doujinshi is a very clever spin on modern cartoons today and the fighting game is enjoyable but seldom deep or engrossing. For one there is a small character roster that consists mainly of the Powerpuff Girls series with other Doushinji that make an apearance. The moveset for each character are activated with the same button presses and each character has similar moves. But with different launch and dash styles the variety of characters is apparent but skin deep. The story mode progresses but there is no closure as far as the game will go. Supporting two player versus is a nice touch and offers some friendly competition with simple character pallettes and movesets makes this game reminiscent of Super Smash Bros. With the crossovers and easy moveset but lacking an ample character roster, and finally an unforgiving difficulty spike; a great time killer in the end.

Helirocket Helirocket

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Strangely Ammusing.

It just goes to show that humans can be amused by the simplest things. Boxes as forts, wooden blocks, and single button press games. with only one button needed to play this game executes simplicity masterfully. Fun challenging gameplay that is topped off with the most crucial element, addictiveness. A well done falsh that's hard to quit.

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Bunnies Attack Bunnies Attack

Rated 4 / 5 stars


A very addicting hack-and-slash with simple controls and a funny concept. Not that killing bunnies is an all too original idea for a flash game, this one utilizes single button press combos and hordes of evil that come at your way. I was a little offput by the difficulty at first but soon it became challenging to just pure suicide. I hope this game goes farther becuase this is quite good.

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You Were Kidnapped! You Were Kidnapped!

Rated 1 / 5 stars

How Disappointing.

I thought (despite simple drawings) this would be an enjoyable escape game but there is only one way to die in the entire game. Also it is too damn short, I beat the game in less than 1 minute (and I am not exagerrating). I would extend this game, but that is my only advice. No story or a hint as to who kidnapped the protagonist. I hope this is a beta for the real game, otherwise I really can't be leniant.

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Platform Chaos Platform Chaos

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The concept has been used for a while now but the charm has not left this game. Difficult enough to have you come back but easy enough for anyone to get a decent score. Greatly executed in a balanced way. Well done.

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Newgrounds Rumble Newgrounds Rumble

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Begin to Rumble!

Newgrounders rejoice and enjoy and seeing your favorite Newgrounds celebrities fight to the death in a Super Smash Bross.esque beat em' up. Control Newgrounds gems from Alien Homonid to Salad fingers, Tankman to convict. Expect updates and additional characters (most likely to be finished with) and major bug have been fixed. Stages have the feel of the characters they were inspired by. Each character brings their moveset appropriate for their exploits as well as their own strengths and drawbacks. The game has settings for every computer so you'll have the speed you need to enjoy the game to its limits. Some of the story missions are a cakewalk but others will have you curse with frustration. Some matches you can win by masging the fierce attach button until your opponent dies. But if your outnumbered, you better think on your feet or get clobbered. Items can be from unecessary to majorly crucial in thick of battle. A true Newgrounds game that says "We're the best effing site out there". In the end, it is.

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Thing-Thing Arena 3 Thing-Thing Arena 3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Easy Now.

Thing Thing Arena 3 proves to be a good sequal to the acclaimed flash shooter. This time enemy resistance is sognificantly lessened supposedly to interest beginning or novicr players into the flash shooter genre. Veteran players will get a kick out of this one but should stick to Thing Arena 2. You have some new weaponry as well as returning favorites. The drawback is that you can only carry two weapons at a time amd picking up a weapon on the ground and can be quite an ordeal. You may end up losing your favorite weapon without even realizing it. Some weapons prove to have little effectiveness and can sometimes damage your own self. You get to choose your arena this time as well as the size from small to large. Ammunition no longer falls from enemies (unless in gun form) and will spawn in a predestined or sometimes random space in the arena. You still have your choice of survival modes (minus rhe Stinky Bean slaughter fest) and more in depth customization from faces, new attire, and color configurations. It still saves ypur character data the next time you play. A good addition to the Thing Thing series, but not exactly for veteran players unless you want to take up its medal challenges, good luck and enjoy.

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Thing-Thing Arena 2 Thing-Thing Arena 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Bloody..........Pretty Good Deal

Now this is a shooter! You have a slew of weaponrybto choose from (better make good use them) and thecaction keeps you moving as you fight to stay alive. You a few survival modes to choose from each providing their own appropriate environments. Even the Stinky Beans make a cameo appearance. The game is tough and you have to utilize which weapons to use to survive the next barrage. There is no end to the game. You will fight till you die and your score is your kill count. You have more to choose from when it comes to character customization and the game saves your Thing-thing's appearance from when you last used him when you last played the game. The only draw-back is the horrendous lag that occurs if your killing too much at once. But this is unavoidable but not all that bothersome. The best flash shooter I've played in ages.

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