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Best Death Sequences In Gaming (Cinematic or In-game).

2009-07-26 00:02:47 by albatross412

Everybody loves death. Death is the essence of the game's frustration level. Keep dying my pretties, it will please me.

Sonic: Foiled by...urgh...yet...another cheap off-screen spike pit.
Me: Mwahahaha!

Let's get down to business!


The Author's Submits:

This devilishly handsome son of a bitch brings you his favorites.

Dedede Defeated-Kirby's Dreamland
I can't feel but satisfied when you see that fat penguin get blasted out of his own home as you land the final blow.

First Stage Zero KO-Kirby's Dreamland 3
Very out of place considering Zero's massive red eye explodes out of him in a particularly and righhteously bloody scene.

Egg Viper Kamikaze-Sonic Adventure DX
A bold and desperate attempt to kill you as you did Eggman's diabolical creation. A very grotesque way of going out, with divine wind.

Yami's Death-Okami
The origin of all machines dues so non-chalantly; he just...dissapears.

Scissorman's Psychosis-Clocktower
The bells of the clocktower chime and dissorients the mad child as he falls into the tower's gears...finished for good.

Cpt. Price Death-Call Of Duty 4
The man that stood by you throughout the war, killed by the man he thought he silenced himself.

Bad Girl 1-hit Kill-No More Heroes
She may be one of the easiest bosses but if you're chopping away at her, she will fall looking helpless. Approach her she will trip you and climb on top. Sounds and looks awesome until she beats you to death with her bat.

Sonic's Death-Sonic The Hedgehog '06
For nearly one hour Sonic was dead. Impaled through the chest by Mephiles. But it was this death that brought out the true colors if the supporting characters. In the end he was revived, a bit unsatisfying.

Good Bye Prototype-Alien Hominid
So is the end if the supposedly more formidable yellow alien. I guess bulk just doesn't cut it these days.

Jess Zombified-Dead Rising
Helping you throughout your cannabalistic mall run and she too goes native, and not in a good way.

Dragoon Good-byes-Megaman X4
He only joined the the Mavericks so he could fight you as a friend. A noble boss indeed...Too bad half his body exploded.

Various Deaths-Crash Bandicoot Series
Each danger always seems to have their own animations for death. Each hilarious.

Omega Ridley's Death-Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Is Ridley really gone for good?! I can't stand a Metroid game without that pterodactyl-like thingy. Hopefully Metroid: Another M does the dragon some more justice.

Swiss Model/Her End To The Fight-Bo Nore Heroes
Travis loved this young model's views if life as she bit her own grenade. Travis gave her a befitting burial.

Bishop's Death-No More Heroes 2
Hah, the death that is the basis for the sequel. It's gonna rock my friend.


Veterans' Space:

Because they deserve their own section.

Thelightning55's Submissions:

Driving Off A Cliff-Various Games
Think about your poor car in a harmless race against others, or driving away from an enemy. All of a sudden you're hit, and you spin out of control. Imagine the look on your face as you peer out the window.

Shotgun To The Face-Various Games
What's worse than a shot to the face at point blank? Five shots to the face...that's like TEN TIMES THE SHOTS!

Crono's Death By Lavos-Chrono Trigger
In an epic scripted battle with Lavos; Lavos is about to kill everyone, when Crono rushes forward to attack Lavos! Lavos vaporizes Crono but in turn saves his friends. His death was not only heroic, but emotional landing it a spot on the list.

Explosive Crates/Capsules-Super Smash Bros. Series
As you are Brawling on any given stage, an item is bound to appear (assuming you turned them on), and there is always that one chance that item will appear. You never know how many hits it will take before it will blow, and they sometimes will get in the way. After a few hits, you better hope you don't high damage percentage because these dastardly barrels will blow you off the screen than gas prices can raise I. The Middle Atlantic States.

Death By Carbonizer Mk 16-The Conduit
The Mk-16 Carbonized literally cooks your insides, so imagine being hit by it. After you're fried through, you have no chance of survival. If you somehow do...the enemy will just shoot you.

Sniped-Various War/FPS Games
Never EVER stay in the same spot on the battlefield. Keep moving. These hidden assassins will aim right for the head, and will take you out. Now get moving soldier!

Spikes-Megaman Series
As if the games weren't hard enough without them, the developers added these in the most annoying places possible. They are slightly humorous though. When you land on one, you explode. But trust me it gets old after a while.

Falling-Various Games
Whether on purpose or accidentally off of high places can and will prove deadly. If you have full health, you will most likely survive a small jump, but when you do a bigger get a nice splat.

Blacksun256's Submissions:

Draco Cantus (Final Boss)-TheWorld Ends With You
The MOTHER OF ALL FUSION ATTACKS is what Neku needs to topple this fowl beast. Nor only does the attack animation play out amazingly, but the explosive demise of this great dragon is enough to cause the Earth's foundation to shake.

Agent Death-Crackdown
It is not so much the death that is good, but moreso the things the agency CEO says. Although it brings a smile to my face seeing my agent get taken down after he jumps off the roof of a 16-story skyscraper and fall to the ground below.

Enemy Kills-No More Heroes
Whetherit be by decapitation, getting split down the middle or any other means of mutilation by your blade, killing your enemies SCREAMS new life into the meaning "blood bath". The minute that hot plasma meets cold trembling flesh, you'll wish you would have brought an umbrella as enemies erupt in a shower of crimson-red blood. If you're not into these levels if blood and gore the game tries to make the gruesome image seem slightly comical by having some enemies cry out "AUGGGH MY SPLEEN" when killed. Whenever I hear that I can't help but hear thecwise words of Zim from the good old days of Invader Zim. "Hah you humans and your inferior organs!"

8 Bit Deaths-Mario, Sonic, Hero Klungo Saves The World, etc.
The second you touch whatever it may be that kills you; all you do is jump up and fly off-screen. The sheer simplicity of it is truly a kick in the nads.

eightball6219's Submissions:

Death Scene: #1
This is a tie between the creator of Eapture and thug of Rapture Fontaine. The scene where Ryan goes berserk where he keeps yelling "Will you...kindly", just freaky, but cool. You find out this whole time you've been under the grasp of Fontaine and them you kill your own father. Then there's Fontaine's death where he is a god taken down by a force of little sisters jabbing needles into him like something from a Saw movie. This is hands down my number one favorite.

Death Scene #2
The Carmines from Gears of War live tragic lives, much like the Ryan's brothers (from Saving Private Ryan). The first Carmine gets bitches in a classic noob mistake: he stands up out of cover. He pays for it with a pwn'ed headshit. Carmine two does a little better but dies an ancient movie death at the hands of a 60's style movie monster: a giant freaking worm. I'll give it to him, Ben Carmine lasted a lot longer than Anthony and Ben didn't get pwn'ed. He just met a cliché fate when battling monsters.

Death Scene #3
The Aprentice's fate. Anyway when you end the Force Unleashed, Galen Marek dies a terribly fate. Whether he defends the rebels or goes agtr Vader, he dies and either way it's cool. The noble way let's you see be's actually the founder of the rebels and comes close to defeating the emperor. The evil ending is worse but cool because he gets a Vader makeover (getting put into a similar suit). Also look out for the new add-one to the Gorce Unleashed. Two new levels are Hoth and Tatooine (Hoth; you fight Luke, on Tatooine; you fight Obi-wan).

Death Scene #4
Fir any of you that have seen Superjail, the ending of the show is always a huge prison fight with inmates killing eachother, monsters fighting them, or Jailbot doing his thing (killing). One episode had in an experiment of the Warden's where they put to survive in a jungle of hungry insects bigger than them. As one of the inmates sink in quicksand his last words were,"Tell my daughter I lover her". One of the inmates trying to save him says (in a seriously funny voice), "You don't have a daughter". The inmate sinks saying, "Oh yeah".

Death Scene #5
Tom Hank's in the ending of Saving Private Ryan was just awesome. He stood his ground (not much of a choice) until the end firing his sidearm at a terrifying German heavy tiger tank was just awesome.

Death Scene #6
Fir any of you who played Dawn of Way: Dark Crusades, you'll know how awesome the space marines are. Even when they lose they're freakin' cool. The entire scene where their fortress was sacked was great. Here's how it goes:

Brother Captain David Thule fighting off hordes of whatever army is sacking the base with a small force of marines to keep them back as the last transport us trying to get off all artifacts. He dies and the Aporcracy gets him off to protect the gene-seed. The last squads stay on the planet to guide the Battle Barges (in orbit). Guns to cleanse the base and all filth that is there.


Member's Space:

The official members' submissions.

AMonkeyNamesSam's Submissions:

Large Log Through Chest-God Of War
This death made me so angry at the game...I had spent four hours in the temple of effing Pandora. I had the s**t beaten out of me by demons, skeletons, lizards, and mother trucking centuars. I finally got to the stupid box and when I opened the friggin thing, and wamhat died Ares do?! Throws a log from two miles away right through my torso...stupid mythology.

Fatality-Mortal Combat
There's no better way to finish a fight off than a nice gruesome finishing move that does one or more of the following; gouging if eyes, decapitation, burning to death, being lazered in half, hitting someone with an odd-jobber style of hat and then proceeding to cut that persons in half VERYICALLY with said headware. Nothing makes you more of a man than finishing your younger sibling and ridiculing them about not being man enough to beat you...and being (insert number of years) old is no excuse. Do you think Scorpion is going to care about your age when he's feeding you your small intestine?! That's right...cease your crying child!


Rookies' Space:

A little something for the new guys.

Chime's Submissions:

Corporal Hart's Death (Story Mode/Cinematic)-Time Splitters 2
It's just a great twist seeingHart get shot through with all the action. Provides a nice twist and it is just fantastic.

Francis' Death (No Mercy)/Falling Off-Left 4 Dead
Just listening to that scream. Who wouldn't like zombie survivors jumping off buildings.

Mehrune's Dragon-Oblivion
Even though he was just banished, he will never come back, so it's a death. The cinematic was just six and seeing a guy THAT big is worth of. Too bad for Martin though.

Jumping Off Of Dove Rocks-Oblivion
It is a great example of the physics of Oblivion, and it can be done by an adoring fan using but a bow and arrow.

Ion Cannon-Renegade
In multiplayer having a person stand still while placing an ion cannon under him.

badgerfrank10's Submissions:

Max Violence, Burst Fire-Fallout Series
Seeing limbs and chunks of meat flying off random targets was well...just great.

Shooting At The Lake From The Pier-Resident Evil 4
All those gamefaq sites about making money in the game never truly prepared you for the reprucussions of missing the fish.

Meeting Andrew Ryan-Bioshock
After finding out you were an experimental mind control slave, whose mother was a father and whose father was tyrant, you are a full grown two year old who was being commanded by a douchebag with a fake Irish accent to kill people and to top it all off, an old Korean man commanded you to kill your own dog. I'd me pretty pissed too.

Disembowel-Dead Rising
This move took friggin forever to earn, and we all know when you earned it, many falcon punch references were made (not necessarily enjoyed).

That Guy Under The Stairs-Doom 3
If you played the very begginning of Doom 3 you would remember the futile attempt by the engineer to crawl under the stairwell (or whatever that thing was) in vain as the demon followed suit. Oddly enough screams were heard, but nothing came out.

Now that's alot of ways to die! Right down to the last detail. Thanks to all members and rookies who helped make this list. A big thanks to Thelightning55 for the bitching banner. I'd also like to welcome Chime and Badgerfrank10 as official members.

Update: hellboundsoul07 will join our team as of the next list.

This was our biggest list yet! New members with more submissions; this was a huge undertaking and the team's gem of ALL our lists!
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The Videogame Enthusiasts' Committee Welcomes:

2009-07-22 14:53:49 by albatross412

Every member welcomes Chime and badgerfrank10 to the team. We also like to belatedly welcome TheincredibleD and AMonkeyNamedSam as well.

P.S. This a milestone; 50 posts. Pretty cool I guess.

P.S.S Blacksun256, Thelightning55, and eightball6219 are promoted to Veteran Collaborator Status.

Upcoming List: Best Death Sequences In Gaming (Cinematic or In-game); Construction Begins This Saturday.

Joining The Team? Click here to know what we're looking for: s/post/337710

Postponed: List is postponed until sometime after this weekend. My grandparents from Deleware are coming in and that's all my members need to know.

I'm Leaving.

2009-07-17 18:24:59 by albatross412

Going on hiatus. That's it. So soraw soraw. Be back whenever.

P.S. This account will not be given away. I'm not leaving permanently.


2009-07-17 01:12:38 by albatross412

The Videogame Enthusiats' Committee will work upon a discussion on the Status Of Online Play. No particular system or game will be spared. Expect discussions on:

-Halo 3 (touchy subject, fanboys beware)

-Wii's Online Play

-SSBB Server

-Online Gamer Behavoir

-Availabilty Of Online Gaming In General

-and others.

Following list:

-Favorite Musical Pieces In Gaming (Resurrected)

New List Ideas.

2009-07-13 20:21:08 by albatross412

Possible upcoming lists/rants.

-The Bodacious Babes Of Gaming

-Series That Should Step It Up

-Status Of Online Play

-Most Disappointing Games

-Favorite Musical Pieces Of Gaming(Resurrected)

List will be decided and made by Friday.

Favorite Levels/Stages.

2009-07-06 12:38:17 by albatross412

There's always that favorite level in a game that truly makes the experience fun. A beautiful skyline, a vast ocean, a grungy hell torn city, or the quaint little village. Here are the team's favorites.

My Favorites:

Rainbow Road-Mario Kart Series
There is no question that rainbow road is the badest mother in a racing game. But I can't help but enjoy the catchy music, colorful environment, and ironic danger all bundled into a traditional final level.

Final Destination-Super Smash Bros. Series
This stage is the stage to prove your true skill. Nothing to jump over, to interfere, to attack. Just flat ground and your opponent. This is the place to go where fair is fair and you losing is nobody's fault but your own. Not to mention the awesome feel of soaring through the sky and ocean.

Wily's Base-Megaman
True to a final level's word, one hard-ass stage to go through and many robots to smash. Get ready for punishment.

1000 Heartless-Kingdom Hearts II/Final Mix+
Literally 1000 baddies to slice up! You're not going anywhere until not a single is left breathing.

1-2-Super Mario Bros.
So many secrets lie in this underground cespool of Goombas and moving platforms. Plus it is also the gateway to the negative zone.

-1-1-Super Mario Bros. (NES Version)
This underwater level can only be accessed by a bit of glitching. Do it well and enjoy the negative zone. Might as well, you can't leave until you lose ALL your lives.

The Tundra Field-Lost Planet
Bow to the mighty Akrid worm. A behemoth to behold and an endless tundra of ice to traverse. Better get your Adidas strapped and ready to go.

All Of Nippon (Japan)-Okami
Everything is so breathtaking. I was seriously taken aback by the painted planes, sun, and crescent moon. I really can't choose a favorite area. Bit I'll give you one of my favorites (see below).

Oni Island-Okami
So many devious traps to behold and tricky foot races to win. Devote yourself to a few hours of frustration with a stellar boss fight against Ninetails at the end. Kudos Oni Island.

The Replicorce Attack-Megaman X4
Falling structures and enemy enforcement. Escape the closing and falling buildings until you meet with Colonel and Dragoon, and Egrigia awaits on the other side.

Bio Lab-Megaman X4
Know your place when entering Split Mushroom's domain. Whilst dying repeatedly, enjoy the catchy level theme and annoying mini boss.

Verdant-Guilty Gear: XX Reload
A fairy tale woods home to the ditzy but cute Dizzy. What really makes this level awesome is the intense metal riffage playing in the background.

Giant World-Super Mario Bros. 3
Either everything is giant or your just tiny. Either way this is one awesome world.

Bowser's Castle-Super Mario Galaxy
Defying gravity and dark matter is one thing but giant bullets is another. Electrical panneling and fire pits?! This cat's crib is intense!

Stop & Go Station-Donkey Kong Country
The world's easiest level to beat. Just walk back in through the way you came but if you want to tackle this dastardly level, good f***ing luck.

Casinopolis-Sonic Adventure DX
Take a break from high speed loop-de-loops and unwind with a bit of gambling and pinball. Plus, NiGHTS makes a cameo appearance in a breathtaking experience.

Inside The Zoro King-The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
Who would've thought King Zoro was filled with buzz saws?! But the stomache acid is a good touch, but what the hell is up with the jellyfish?!

eightball6219's Submissions:

All Level's-Super Mario Sunshine
This was the first game I played on the gamecube and it opened me up to a new gaming experience. While not straying too far from traditional Mario levels, this game keeps me playing with it's color and fun layouts from Pinna Park to Bianco Hills.

Phendrana Drifts-Metroid Prime
Nintendo brought the gamecube up with old favorites given a makeover and Samus Aran's first 3-D adventure was just awesome! My favorite part was when you first entered the snowy plains to gong your first prize, the Boost Ball and your first real boss battle for the Wave Beam. From the Shegoths to the Space Pirates, it kept me playing.

Jungle Fortress Level-UN Squadron (SNES)/Area 88 (Arcade)
This one of the few levels on the SNES that when your bullets went through the trees, they actually were damaged. The level was well thought out with fighters and missiles surprise attacking you at every moment making it hell for you to get to the final part, the fortress.

Fort Frolic-Bioshock
Rapture had me on edge everwhere I went except for Fort Frolic. It made me feel like I was in the middle of one of the old Batman movies with either Val Kilmer or George Clooney where everything had neo lights. Fort Frolic was an exciting level that finally shed some light on who your character was or where he came from (for those who didn't explore the strip club you'll find out your the product of Andrew Ryan's love for whores).

Geneosis-Republican Commando
A great opener to a kickass level. With this level you finally get to see the other side to the battle other than the short moment you saw on the big screen.

Blacksun256's Submissions:

Holoska/Cool Edge-Sonic Unleashed
A continent of ice with beautiful visuals and kickass music.

The Twilight Dimension-The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Though this dark world seems deranged, it has a very serene beauty to it.

Pacific City-Crackdown
A city filled to the brim with crime, and your here to clean it up, agent!

Morbit City-Metal Arms: Glitch In The System
An area that brings back the memories of the flood infested labs of the Halo series.

Phaze-Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
The moment that you set foot on this caustic planet of radiation, corruption overwhelms you. After you survive phazon corruption, you must steel your nerves for the trials ahead.

Fermion Lunar Based Human Processing Installation-Moon
You ride the elevator on the moon to an unkown facility underneath the lunar surface to try an recover two of your men who were forcibly abducted, but rather than find them, you discover a hundred-million year-old that must be shut down.

TheLightning55's Submissions: Under Construction

Torvus Bog-Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
The water affects here are stunning and the attention to detail is superb. You will be sucked in to this living breathing world, with moving vegetation, and atmosphere.

The White House-The Conduit
What can I say...It's the White House! This re-creation looks somewhat accurate. Top it all off with invading aliens and firefights, it's pretty awesome.

The Kingdom Of Zeal-Chrono Trigger
This elegant kingdom has a twist to it, and it's pretty hard to miss. See it? It's floating! The attention to detail was also amazing and breathtaking that this is easily one of the best looking locations in the game.

The Island-Wii Fit
When you go on your jog in Wii Fit, you get to see this well designed island with buildings, bridges, and all of the Mii's you created jogging with you.

Lylat Cruise-Super Smash Bros. Brawl
When you're fighting on this stage, you're treated to a large space battle going on in the background. Space junk is flying and everything is so well detailed that you might take your eyes off the fight to take a second to see the space battle. Don't look too long or else...FALCON PUNCH!!!

The Roost-Animal Crossing: Wild World/Animal Crossing: City Folk
When you're feeling a little down, head on down to the roost! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the music. Every Saturday night, K.K. Slider (Totateke) comes on down and serenades you. Oh, the coffee? You know the price, 200 bells.

AMonkeyNamedSam's Submissions:

1-1-Super Mario Bros.
This level isn't like how they are today. Nothing innovating, nothing too over the top, just simplicity and nostalgia. Nothing made sense, you're a plumber stomping on goombas, rescuing Princess Peach from a giant turtle-dragon. That's the way we like it.

End Of The Line-Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Everything is in utter chaos. People are stabbing eachother, robbing stores, hijacking cars (and even planes), and even grannies join in on the fun (with RPG's. Pretty much everything is f***ed up.

Burly Brawl-The Matrix Path Of Neo
The game was a load of disappointment but wiping up thousands of Mr. Smiths with your bare hands and a bigass metal pole means 100% fun. You may be at it for a few hours because it that fun!

Every Level-Goldeneye
A game based off the worst of the James Bond films, two years after the films release, and developed by RARE (mediocre at the time) should not exist. Yet the gameplay and maps were pure awesome of awesome and the fun as hell multiplayer brought about the hardcore gamer generation. ALL HAIL FACILTY!

Requiem-Hitman: Blood Money
Your body in a coffin as the credits roll. Your screwed...or as you? Twiddle the oystick and you burst from your coffin to wreak havoc on 20 unfortunate funeral goers, a priest, and a crppled Ex. C.I.A. agent. One of my all-time favorites.

Temple Of Pandora- Of War
A huge building on the back of a huge-ass hell Titan. Yep, a f***ing a TITAN! The building so intricately designed. This level is filled with puzzles and balls to the wall button mashing. This level makes you feel so proud once completed you may renew your gym membership...and drop out a week afterwards...stupid gym.

The IncredibleD's Submissions:

The Emptical-Star Wars The Force Unleashed
Tougher Stormtroopers in this level such as Evo Troopers, Shadow Troopers, and Purge Troopers. Smash up the scenery in a short explosive barrel of fun!

Empirial Raxis Core/Ore Cannon-Star Wars The Force Unleashed
After your confrontation with Proxy you must take down the Star Destroyer (for those of you who don't know, a BIG ship) along with it's compliment of Tie Fighters. There's no power like using the force to rip the Star Destroyer out of the sky and gaining a new appreciation for the power of the force.

Therum-Mass Effect
A planet covered in dusty red rock, active volcanoes, and Prothean ruins. Enjoy smashing the Geth with the awesome MAKO and rescuing the lovely Liari T'soni.

Thanks To:






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VGEC Rules, Guidelines, Info, and etc.

2009-07-01 23:59:36 by albatross412

The Team:

Want to join the team? Fantastic, PM me. We are the Videogame Enthusiasts' Committee. Every week or so we bring to you a list of what else, videogame awesomeness. Subjects are never the same and are always different every week. Each member averaging 5+ submissions (submissions; not posts, submissions by PM to me only) weekly bringing you something different and who knows, interesting every time. You may hear about games you never thought existed, challenges you may want to tackle yourself, or just let the geek out of yourself because here, it's an endearing thing.


All members and trial members are asked to participate on a list. The subject is always videogame oriented and you are expected a minimum of five submissions with no restrictions on the maximum submitted.


I will only ask my exemplary members to participate (AKA Veteran Collaborators) on a thesis or discussion. Apply yourself and you may be part of our next thesis.


You have to have fervent videogame knowledge to join (history, series, significant events, gaming era, educated theories, etc.). I don't want members who only know alot about one series, or company. You MUST be well-rounded so lists can be as diverse as possible.

We do not disclude ANYONE whether it be color of skin (whose gonna know anyway), sex, sexuality, and religious/cultural background. Not even if you're a facehugger, Iron Maiden, Goomba, or a Satanist...I'm serious.

The Author:

As some of you (hopefully all) have guessed, I am the author AND founder of the Videogame Enthusiasts' Committe. Eventually all things about the committee will come directly to me whether it be submissions or recruitment. I can be your best friend or a total SOB. I will be patient with you as much as I can and any questions you have should be brought to Thelightning55's attention if you are unable to contact me. In the end I have power of banning and recruitment because I allow users to discuss and have fun in this committee directly on MY profile. In turn for joining the team, I give you credit for your submissions and will gladly advertise your profile in the lists we make (by request only). So you scratch my back, I scratch yours.

For The Newbies:

Congratulations you are part of the team...almost. The first list you participate on will label you as a Trial Collaborator. This just means we're seeing what you're made of. Do well and you're an official member, a true collaborator. Besides, we don't pride ourselves on comments but substance.

Submitting Your S**t:

As said before, I expect 5+ submissions per subject. Make each of your descriptions a good length, but not too long because other members need the character space as well.

Put some humor into one of 'em every so often. Don't be so dull and make some of your submissions humorous, just make sure the people (or me) who view the list know what you're talking about.

I can dig the fact you're not probably the most prompt person around. In fact, procrastination is my blood but this team is my priority. If you can't make the deadline for any reason, let me know and I can give you some more time. But don't take advantage of my leniancy or you and I will have a talk.

You can suggest a list idea only if you are a member. I mean you can suggest an idea either way but it won't be used if you're not a member. I only do this so we are not accused of stealing an idea. We are 110% disgusted with plagiarism and plagiarists.

The Veterans:

These guys have been part of the team for a while now and are my go-to guys. They handle a great bulk of work whether it be looking for users who could be part of the team or maybe helping me decide if someone gets kicked out or not. They have my utmost trust and will answer any questions you may have. I recomend staying on their good side.

I'm On The Team; What Happens To My Profile:

Absolutely nothing. When you're part of the VGEC, you don't have to change your username or host VGEC oriented posts on your profile. The entire committee is ran on my profile so you needn't sell your soul.

Examples; Clock Crew or Lock Legion, nothing bad about either of them; but unlike them, you don't have to change your username to something oriented with their groups (such as a clock or lock name in their respected groups).

Modern Gaming Policy:

It's cool that you play the latest and mist recent games but we prefer they not be the ONLY ones you. We need variety in gaming era so a background in retro gaming would be very appreciated and increase your chances of making it on our team.

Advertising The VGEC:

Advertising the VGEC is 100% YOUR choice. It could be in the form of a banner or message on the main page, but it isn't your obligation to advertise, it's mine. Go ahead if you want to help out but do not advertise on the forums as the committee's time there already ran it's course. Your forum for the VGEC will most likely be locked.


If you're not following the simple rules I laid out for you, your membership could be in jeopardy. If I suspend you (only I can) then you cannot submit to the list until suspension is lifted. If you don't fix your attitude, your head is on the chopping block.

So You've Been Kicked Out:

Like a suspension but with greater severity. I and only I can kick out members. But it may help your case if you had an appeal or explanation to your jack-assery and we might let you back on (much stress on the word "might"). But if I must kick you out a second time, you're gone for good.

Walking Out:

Quiting? Go ahead; no obligation. The door is right there...just don't expect it to open again.

Not To Be An A-hole But:

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Favorite Videogame Weapons/Items (Hero or Villain).

2009-06-24 16:37:21 by albatross412

Yup. Weapons and items are always a touchy subject. Whether they be that ultimate weapon you've been promised by Saint Nick or the joke weapon you use out of curiosity's sake. But there's more! This list, me and my team are also covering weapons AND items all in one shibang. Enjoy.

My Submissions:

An RPG staple (in Square Enix moreso). That hard to find ore that can bring you that much closer to a new shiny sword or...somehow useful ribbon. Get your orichalcum today!

Yeah the potion. A lifesaving miracle meth that only costs a minimal amount of currency. Then you level up and must spring for the new and improved Hi-potion.

Missile Expansion-Metroid
Increases your missile capacity by five. Scattered throughout the planet, they're hard to miss.

The Fireflower-Mario Series
As soon as you see the target-like petals you know that you can finally rest those tired boots and let loose a hell torrent of bouncing fire. Ah...the good 'ol days.

The Seven Point Glaive-Okami
This living blade of mimick-fire slices and dices those water-color baddies in half...for 100,000 yen that is.

Homerun Bat-Super Smash Bros. Series
That dreaded brrrIING can only be the sound of the homerun bat's automatic KO!

Power Pellet-Pac-man/Ms. Pac-man
Those ghosts have no chance now that they are flashing blue. But then you run out of pellets. Karma much?

Tsubaki Mk III-No More Heroes
A laser samurai sword?! Now we're talkin'!

Scarab Gun-Halo 2
Getting to this weapon recquires an arduous and rage/crying endusing task. The reward, the plasma rifle?! It may look like a plasma rifle but it's in fact the most devastating weapon...the scarab gun. Each shot, a massive blast of pure covenant energy.

Power Saver III-No More Heroes
What's better than a laser samurai sword? Unlimited power!

Star-Super Mario
One word: invincibility.

Blue Turtle Shell-Mario Kart
For once I'm glad I'm not in 1st.

Rings-Sonic The Hedgehog
Saving you from certain death...except for pitfalls and off-screen traps. We can't help ya there.

Fairies-The Legend Of Zelda
I don't care if they are fairies! They bring me back to life!

Eightball6219's Submissions

Generic but effective with it's speedy reload time, good kick, duel capabilities, and variations (glocks, 9mm, revolvers, etc.). Let's not forget the king of pistols...the golden gun from 007.

No matter what era your character is in, your enemy won't expect the edge coming, but you did.

Duel Wielding
A fun technique in firefights to give you a bit of oomf to your other hand. Especially one-on-one skirmishes.

Long Range Assault Rifles and Carbines
The accuracy of a sniper meets the ferocity of a fully automatic rifle. Pure bliss.

The Every Man's weapon. Little skill needed to wield to get serious results.

The discrete weapon every player fights for. Hoping they won't be the next targetted. In the hands of a master shouts hopelessness.

Assault Rifle
Good kick, good clip capacity, plenty of ammo. A real jack-of-trades weapon that nobody complains about having in their arsenal.

BFG Family
From Spartan Lasers, to mini guns; RPG's to homing missiles. The Big F***ing Guns category aims to please.

Blacksun256's Submissions

Falcon Punch-F-zero Movie/Super Smash Bros. Series
Those words, FALCOOON PUUNCH! They are iconic amoungst Nintendo fans alike. One hit full front spells a loss in life, because just got falcon punched.

Jumping-Mario/Sonic The Hedgehog
When push comes to shove, you gotta jump baby. The go-to attack that takes a bit of aiming, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Control Tether-Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
Take control if virtually any adversary you choose. From grunts to titans, the fun never ends.

Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (Gravity Gun)-Half-life 2/Portal
Anything becomes a weapon. This gun lets you seriously get creative with your environment and how to dispatch of your foes. Just watch the energy balls please.

Silver's Psychokinesis-Sonic the Hedgehog 2006
Like the gravity gun, virtually anything is a weapon. Except a bit of stunning is needed before the strike.

Energy Sword-Halo 1&2
Pick it up and prepare for some seriously cheap as hell kills. But hey, anything to win, right?

Thelightning55's Submissions

The Shrieker-The Conduit
A grenade launcher that allows you to deploy and manipulate the grenade's trajectory like an extension of your body.

Metal Blades-Megaman 2
These shiny sumbitches spread in eight different directions making short work of any of Wily's robots.

Exp. Share-Pokemon Series
Equip this handy item to a weaker pokemon and let your biggest beast fight for it. Excellent for getting weaklings to grow a pair.

RPG's-War Games
A simple phrase comes to mind: KABOOM!

Sure health is nice but so is mp/special points. Good for killing two birds with one stone, refilling HP and MP. Because without MP, you're left with a feeble attempt at victory.

Radiation Grenades-The Conduit
Not much of a blast radius, but the nactious fumes left to linger is a very agonizingly befitting end for your foes.

This is the list:

List Collaborators




Thanks to these users who went all out on this list. A great team effort on our part.

The Contributor's Space:

-Contributions by Atgod88-This sumbitch loves Postal. Who wouldn't?! I love beating up Gary Coleman more than the next guy!

Anthrax Filled Severed Cow's Head-Postal 2
A weapon as fun as its name is long. A room full of terrorists and a severed cow's head full of anthrax spells the most rockin' weapon diseased fun!

Cat Silencer For The M16-Postal 2
Silencers too much? Cats are annoying as hell? Why don't you kill two birds with one stone. Simply ram Scrambles over the barrel and you're ready to rock that badass mofo gun. Besides who would be threatened by the defensless meow of a cat? After work, enjoy yourself a hot meal.

Urine-Postal 2
The only ammunition you need is a bottle of water. Use this piss-tastic weapon to give your foes violently painful STD's. It's also good for putting out fires and growing the flowers.

Jarate-Team Fortress
The ancient form of jarate is delicate one. For one to manipulate their urine recquires the biggest cojones to do. Short out flamethrowers and spy cloaks with your liquid-leavings.

Badger Saw-Postal 3
The authorities are the biggest buzz-kill. Show 'em what's up with a ravenous rabbit badger to their faces. Yeah baby! Bite off their faces!

The Segway-Postal 3
The segway says "I know it's lame but I got the money to afford it"! A luxury that frees up both hands so you can glide quickly about and mow down the neighborhood in toolish style.

This list brought to you by the VGEC.

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Videogames' Most Annoying Bosses and Boss Concepts.

2009-06-18 14:41:58 by albatross412

The standard videogame boss is a super-enemy encountered at the end of a stage or by optional means. Yet, some are a huge pain in the ass to overcome. Let's begin.

My Submits:

King Dedede-Kirby's Dreamland
When you first played this game you had no idea what it took to even HIT him. After much experimenting (and losing) you finally figured that the stars were your only way out.

Shadow Queen-Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door
Multiple attacks in one phase, high attack power, and more than one target to focus on makes this "C U Next Tuesday" a real pain to beat.

Jafar (Genie Form)-Kimgdom Hearts II
Despite him staying put his bolts of lightning make it impossible to close in on him.

Tabuu-Super Smash Bros. Brawl
You'd think a SSB boss would really recquire a good'ol fashioned tank and spank strategy. But then you see the high health and plethora of instant KO moves, and it feels like an iron boot to the Johnson bag.

Culex-Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
A Square Enix delight. Five attacks a turn and a s**t load of health births the phrase diabolical.

Dragoon-Megaman X4
This battle is basically a slug-fest but when he does (and will) destroy your super suit, gives you no choice but to DANCE FOOL DANCE!

Sephiroth-Kingdom Hearts II
I can sure as hell tell him where to stick that sword!

Having to wear him down with a measly slingshot shouts annoying AND tedious.

Puppet Gannon-The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker

Vox-Ratchet: Deadlocked
Constantly bombing you from above and an intricate laser grid never lets you rest. Plus a horribly high amount of health makes this battle a toughy.

Zombie Bot King-Metal Arms Glitch In The System
Once you get him to finally stop chasing you, you must sling a core charge into his mouth. Easier said than done. Plus your on the clock. If you don't beat him in time, Dozer pays the price (voiced with the talents if Patrick Warburton).

Bowser-Super Mario Sunshine
Treking to four corners of this stage avoiding acid, homing missiles, falling off, and Bowser's fire breath gives you much to keep aware of. Not to mention taking out one of the four corners collapses the floor beneath you.

B2 Brawler and Chainblade-Ratchet and Clank 2
A tag-team match against two baddies who where pests alone. Not fun or very possible to beat without the rhino weapon.

Egg Viper-Sonic Adventure DX
Hitting him is tricky as each attack risks your life and the floor beneath you collapses the longer the battle rages on for. Then when you think you've won, a desperate kamikaze attack by Robotnik spells death.

Dr.'s VS-Lost Planet
Awkward controls and unpredictable attacks makes this battle a tricky endeavor at higher difficulties.

Giant Beetle-Super Mario Galaxy
Timing your ground-pound is essential and annoying to master, especially when he speeds up.

Queen Larsa-Mihishime Futari
Quite indisputidly the hardest boss in all of existence. You're not going to win. I will bet any amount of money on it, I will.

Blacksun256's Submits:

Silver The Hedgehog-Sonic The Hedghog 2006
If he catches you once, he'll keep slamming you against the wall until you die.

General Corrosive (Space Station)-Metal Arms:Glitch In The System
You have to avoid him while trying to collect six computer chips randomly spawned throughout the level. Your reward is controlling the golliath.

Dark Samus-Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
After the horrendous fight with Emperor Ing (read below) you'd think you have done your job and saved the day as you sit back and watch the credits roll. But one more menace remains and your previous battle leaves you ill-prepared for your confrontation with Dark Samus.

Emperor Ing-Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Substantial health and a tedious weakpoint makes you grind your teeth in frustration. Your resources are also wasted on this behemoth as you then must fight Dark Samus afterward.

Optimus Prime-Transformers: The Game
A freaking nuke won't have any affect on him. Not kidding. But throwing a tree at him over a nuke?! Pretty bogus.

Thelightning55's Submits:

Lavos-Chrono Trigger
Three forms to fight through and attacks that pack a fatal blow every term. The developers of this boss were evil, not Lavos.

Plugman-Megaman 9
If you are able to fight your way through his stage (if you are able to), you have to do deal with this tough sumbitch. Kiss your a** goodbuy if that weapon of his traps you in a corner. Making this battle easier requires you to beat another tedious bastard beforehand.

Boost Gaurdian-Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Fighting him in morph ball form is a chore. No weapons bit small bombs at your disposal. You lose health every second and has little vulnerability before resorting to his puddle form again.

Nitrous Oxide-Crash Team Racing
Oxide is fast as hell and throws beakers of deterring chemicles everywhere. Hitting them slows you down. You can't afford to hit a single one.

Aurora Unit 313-Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
He fills your gauge to the point of the corrupting hyper mode which takes a toll on your health bar. Not hard unless playing on the hyper difficulty. Then you should get ready to cry.

Eightball6219's Submits:

He kind of went off on a limb with his submits. He gave me annoying boss concepts than actual bosses which I'm glad he did.

Last Minute Invincibility
You fight them down to near victory but then...INVINCIBILITY! Now you have to change up your strategy or die.

Resurrected Bosses
Bosses brought back late in the game because the developers were lazy.

Super-powered Enemies
Stemming from resurrected bosses. Bosses brought back later in the game but in a weaker state...and sometimes a different color palette.

Movie Monster Bosses
Not only have you failed to thrill me on the big screen, you have also given me a mediocre at best fight with stiff controls.

Unnecessarily Large Bosses
Having zero room to fight off the baddy or to even dodge his attacks! I guess you didn't think he was HARD ENOUGH! (I'm talking to YOU developers!)

Resource Wasting Bosses
Bosses that take so many effing items to conquer and when you're done, you have nearly no chance of surviving the challanges you must face afterwards.

Enemy Summoning Bosses
As if you had enough to worry about. Now you must deal with a boss, dodging his attacks, and killing his minions so they won't interrupt. Now that's just rude!

Kazdan Paratus-Star Wars: Rhe Force Unleashed
You thought his agility made him difficult to hit?! Also try getting past the big robot body gaurd he summons no matter how many times you kill it.

This List Made By:

-albatross412 (author)

-Blacksun256 (collaborator)

-eightball6219 (collaborator)

-Thelightning55 (trial collaborator, made official member at 4:27 6/18/09)

My thanks to these users who made this list the best it can be!

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Come Join Us.

2009-06-16 22:37:47 by albatross412

Come join me and some friends as we put together our various knowledge and experiences to make lists on a scale bigger than me alone can handle. What we do is collaborate on lists as a single team and compile well thought and diverse ideas from media to music. Some are invited personally but we welcome volunteers to help us make the best lists we can.

Become a collaborator and learn more about it here: s/post/327648

If you're interested PM me and I'll see if you can help out. Our next list begins construction on 6/18/09 or earlier. Collaborator spots are still open.

Current Collaborators:



-me of course

Trial Collaborators:


I know we are not exactly well-known around the forums but users new to Newgrounds are welcome here. We each support our members and strive to make sure a project is as good as we can make it to be. We have zero tolerance to hostile users and spammers so expect a friendly environment. Become part of a collaboration of support!

-albatross412-Striving to welcome the new and knowledgeable.