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Poem 3.

2009-05-16 00:45:39 by albatross412

"Bewildered did that strike the faces of the army,

Was their objective that absurd,

Such is a risk one takes to fight, as one chooses to take their own lives,

What the hell are we fighting for,

What are you fighting for,

I fight for her heart, I fight to abolish the loneliness,

So I wait for her arrival,

I hinted the hound's dampened breath over the horizon's stagnant air,

That hound wanted my heart,

Not to take it in love, but hunger,

I will not feed it,"

Poem 2.

2009-05-15 01:00:33 by albatross412

Another poem I post to you all.

"To my Ave Maria, you have captured my eyes and fluttered my stomache,

Never have my affections been so tested,

My Maria,

To build up my soul so I may ask for your hand,

But you turned that palm against me,

I suffered through the bitch's burn,

My throat swelled and eyes turned sour,

So much time to heal and my confidence in another, gone,

My Maria,

What did I do, what can I do,

Now, I do not change for you,

I will help you but I will not save you,

I may die alone, but you'll die without me, a choice you made,

A choice I respect,"

How To REALLY Get Comments.

2009-05-14 22:42:22 by albatross412

Easy as this my friends.

-First post something eye-catching that most people can relate to

-Get another user to agree with you greatly

-If you have much in common then you're ready for the next step

-Establish a friendly bond with that user(s)

-They will put in a good word for you amoungst users that already respect and agree with them if you ask

-These users may come and check out your own news posts but you may have to return the favor

-It would be better if you contributed flash and audio submissions so you would be better recognized, but if you don't have access to such resources then disregard the above step

-Make sure that you keep posting eye-catching news so your new regulars don't lose interest

That's it. Just post the right tidbits or whatnot and your good. But comments are not garaunteed.

How To Get Comments.

2009-05-14 13:19:33 by albatross412

This is how you get comments without using alternate accounts.

-Make a post so utterly offensive people will have to react; such as religious bashing, glorifying your own lame self, or declaring a made-up war on another user

-Comment frequently on others' accounts to the point they hate you and entertain the thought of smiting your good name

Yeah, nothing good comes out of being a douche. I'd rather get comments by being a mellow person who does nothing to nobody. The main offenders I will not identify for the sake of the miniscule dignity they barely have. Just be cool with other users and they will have more interest and tolerance to what you have to say.

Go ahead and act intolerant. You may get plenty of comments but everyone who does comment on you will most certainly hate you.

I don't encourage these steps, they're actually how to identify people who act this way for attention.

My Face Has Melted...sweet.

2009-05-13 20:42:41 by albatross412

If you guys are bored and want to some of the best guitar solos in history, check out Racer X's song Street Lethal. The solo starts after two minutes into the song and may frighten you at first.

The solo may cause but are not limited to:

-Loss of ear virginity

-Exploding goose-bumps

-Siezures of various kinds

-Pants soiled, or explosive diarhea

-May cause deafening of ears

-Questioning your own guitar skills...then your head slumps


2009-05-13 17:14:50 by albatross412

A poem that I wrote in my own style of stanza format.

"People are in my sights to be the ways of two wonders,

The wonder of the nimbus and the storm,

Drifting to drift, just to exist, like the nimbus,

Raining down just to hurt, like the storm's eye,

Meeble but strong of heart, like the rarest stag,

Hunting to take away the acknowledgement, such is the hound,

They are Satan but they can't be God,

They are stars that can only flicker, or the cosmos of the true deity,

There are the noble Joes and Janes, or they are the whores for attention,

What am I trying to say, what is my message,

Am I just another hound for attention or is my message clearer than I hoped it to be,

I am both and these dueling qualities make the world interesting,

Without conflict...there is no fascination,"

By: Nathan Allen, Just some hopeful bastard with something to say,


2009-05-13 05:21:15 by albatross412

It has been nearly a year since I discovered I have the potential to be an excellent poet and writer in various spectrums.

I am a god!

2009-05-11 15:40:02 by albatross412

I just beat Culex in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He's going straight on my best bosses and biggest videogame cheaters list! You should check em' out.

I am currently compiling a list of video game's biggest badasses. So far I have Ashlotte from Soul Calibur IV and Mephiles from Sonic the Hedgehog 06' (I do have a reason). Let me know any other characters I should add. Two people are not exactly going to do it.

List Update.

2009-04-29 16:30:35 by albatross412

Well, my next list is finished. The list is about videogames' most unfair characters whether playable or not. Check out my other lists as well. I think you would really enjoy them. Just look in my past but pretty recent news posts for them and tell me what you think.