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Videogame Cheaters List.

2009-04-28 18:35:15 by albatross412

A list of the most unfair characters in videogames. Whether playable or not. Sometimes your character is so strong it's not even fun or the least bit satisfying winning.

Link-Super Smash Bros. Series
He has good attack, reach, a plethora of projectile weapons, and an aerial down smash that KO's with little damage. What the hell! Not to mention his recovery ability. The Brawl version of Link has been toned down a bit. Thank God!

X-yux-Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door
The thing strikes fast and its lazer immobilizes you with bad damage. It makes itself invincible through mini-yuxes and if it has enough, it'll fire a barriage of lazers at you and your partner. Only one in the game thankfully, unless there's one in the Pit of 100 Trials.

Pit-Super Smash Bros. Brawl
He's got attack and can fly! Plus that damn recovery can help him fly another one million feet into the air. He can reflect attacks and those arrows, those goddamn arrows! He can curve them too! He's also so arrogant. I want rip off his wings and burn them. Fly now angel-boy!

Blanka-Street Fighter Series
He's sometimes hard to hit with his sporadic movement and smaller size. When he enshrouds himself in static he can't be approached. Not cool.

Dhalsim-He's got tremendous reach with those stretchy limbs. Very hard to avoid. His projectile fire does quite some damage as well. I thought Buddhists were peaceful.

MissingNo-Pokemon Silver
Thanks for Lizardjesus for helping find this one. It looks like the ghost in Lavender Town's graveyard tower or a scrambled pokemon sprite. Catching it can scramble the game's graphics. You can remedy this by either releasing it or starting the game over again. Not all that bad, but devious at the least. MissingNo probably means "Missing Number" since it is not listed on the pokedex. Thanks again to Lizardjesus for the find.

Diddy Kong-Super Smash Bros. Brawl
He's so small he can duck most projectiles without even ducking. He's too agile and drops banana peels out the wazoo. I hate monkeys now.

Uub-Dragonball Z: Teinkiaichi 3
His beam blast is so goddamn quick if you're hit by it. Cut off your manhood and serve it to him on a silver platter.

Tabuu (Intense)-Super Smash Bros. Brawl
A bunch'o'health points and nearly every attack is an instant kill. No, not KO because the raping is too intense to want to be alive at that point.

Amy Rose-Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
She's not as fast as the other selectable characters but kiss the win good-bye if she gets enough rings to stop time. 30 seconds approximately! Sure you can keep pressing buttons to speed up the countdown but completing the race won't even take thirty seconds.

King Dedede-Super Smash Bros. Brawl
He's heavy and hard to KO. Don't forget he can fly also. His side smash can instantly kill at low damage if hit directly. Also he posesses suicide prowess by inhaling his opponent and dropping off the stage. Sometimes he'll spit you out and save himself at the last second. I still love him though.

Team Rose-Sonic Heroes
They will always choose a formation that is your weakness and the aftermath of their team blast does damage and grants them invincibility. Stupid team to begin with.

Abel-Street Fighter IV
He is ALWAYS throwing you with damaging results and is constantly rolling behind you to throw your arse half way across the stage and repeat.

Nightmare-Soul Calibur Series
He can attack fast with some serious reach. His attacks are so powerful they can break any character's gaurd. The results for the one that is NOT Nightmare will be catstrophic and better pray for a miracle.

Yoda-Soul Calibur IV
He is so small you can't grab him, PERIOD! Most high ranged attacks won't even hit him. Not to mention the ability to use the force to block attacks entirely.

The Apprentice-Soul Calibur IV
His force powers can take care of you without him even lifting a weapon. Or moving for that fact.

Sephiroth-It Doesn't Even Matter
Everything he has ever appeared in is unfair. No specification of game appearance needed. The ability to take away all but one vitality and all your MP is just diabolical. Jackass.

Starter Pokemon-Pokemon Series
With how much you'll use your starter pokemon it will become so powerful it won't even matter if he/she goes up against its weakness. It'll be that strong, gauranteed.

This is my list of videogame cheaters. Those bastards.

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The List of Lists.

2009-04-26 18:09:29 by albatross412

I'm a list maker. It's pretty nice sharing opinions and letting people know what I think through these lists. These lists are comprised by me personally. Nobody tells me to make them. They're for fun really. Check out the current lists I have made. They are all posted before this post in a row.

-Favorite videogame bosses

-Favorite animes

-Best videogame villains

-Best videogame soundtracks

Enjoy. You can make a request for a list if you want. Just ask.

P.S. Lists may update after posting

Music List.

2009-04-26 00:11:49 by albatross412

Here are my favorite musical pieces from videogames that I enjoy.

Gourmet Race-Kirby Series
It is fast and frantic and really gets the button mashing going. This music suits a plethora of Kirby scenarios such as races or boss battles.

Super Mario-It's iconic and embedded into every cell phone out there. You probably have it on your phone too. A true classic.

Fountain of Dreams-Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland
Such a docid but powerful orchestrated piece. A true masterpiece which I hope Motoi Sakuraba will build upon.

Vs. Xemnas-Kingdom Hearts II
It is docid and has beauty that tells you "This is it, show him what your made of!"

Mansion Theme-Luigi's Mansion
It is spooky and truly fits the game's feel of Nintendo's darker atmosphere. Believe it or not the game is actually pretty scary.

One Winged Angel-Final Fantasy VII
Sigh...I really do hate Sephiroth but this music tells you that you're in the pressence of a good ol' fashioned ass whooping.

King Dedede's Theme-Kirby Series
You know the tune and the feeling you get when it plays. The games nearly over...or is it?

Battle Theme-Pokemon Series
Yeah you know you got to catch'em'all. No..not STDS's I mean pokemon.

Crystal King Fight-Paper Mario
This music lets you know that the crystal king doesn't mess around. I mean look at that crown. It's iced wait it's really ice.

Zero Two Battle-Kirby: the Crystal Shards
The song screams "Final Boss" or it screams "DEATH, DEATH is upon us!"

Halo Theme-Halo Trilogy
Move yer ass Chief! Lives are at stake!

Brave New World-Namco X Capcom
It may be Japanese but its gotten "epic crossover" written all over it.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Theme (Audi Faman Illius) Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
It is epic and and beautiful. Should I say more? No...That seems good.

Bio Lab-Megaman X4
It's catchy and techno. It also says "Get moving or die!"

Duff McWhalen's Base-Megaman X6
It really does fit the atmosphere of the game's underwater base level A.K.A. the hardest level in the game.

King of Sorrows-Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil
It is sad, beautiful, and angry. Very befitting for a fight against the pure embodiment of negative feeling itself.

The Machine (Team Dark)-Sonic Heroes
A heavy song that may be more pissier than shadow. Kudos

HIS WORLD-Sonic the Hedgehog 06
Yes, I actually beat the entire game (sue me) and this music has a "don't give up" beat despite Solaris being no challenge to defeat.

Magnas Von Grapple-Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door
Damn I love this song! It is epic in a giant cardboard robot kind of way.

Shadow Queen's Rise-Paper Mario2: The Thousand Year Door
A grave melody that truly is the essence of the queen's gnarliness.

Hell on Bare Feet-No More Heroes
Description: Get your arse carved by a big machine blade.

Bad Girl Fight-No More Heroes
If you love heavy techno, gimps, and dominatrixes...then you've got a problem. But the song is pretty sweet!

This be my list'o'tunes. Expect updates to the list.

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The Best Baddies.

2009-04-25 17:34:33 by albatross412

Every good videogame needs an antagonist to boot. These are my favorites.

Bowser-Mario Series
Bowser is one tenacious bastard and a ballsy one at that. He'a goes for where it hurts Mario the most, his woman. He's been doing this for so long that it should've been high times for Mario to trade up. But what would we waste our quarters and time on?

Dr. Eggman/Robotnic-Sonic the Hedgehog Series
With an IQ of 300, you'd think he would've wasted a certain hedgehog by now, but no. He's almost as determined as Bowser and will even fight fire with fire, A.K.A. Metal Sonic.

King of Sorrows-Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil
He's but an embittered child-like creature that holds a shunned kingdom on his shoulders and infinate sorrow in his heart. His eyes are red from constant crying and he won't quite his ambitions without a fight. It truly is ironic that the only thing that makes him smile is sorrow.

Charade-Soul Calibur II
Charade knows everyone's number. He has everyone's style that can deal with any situation. If you can master charade then you ARE the master.

Cackletta-Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
She's more insidious than Bowser and has more fight in her. Even killing her won't be enough to stop her terror even if it means taking over your arch nemesis' body and eating you whole.

Tabuu-Super Smash Bros. Brawl
He is an entity to behold. Stealing others' worlds to create his own. He will achieve this at any cost even if it means killing his labored subjects to steal dimmensions and blackmailing a certain minister we all know. Even with every hero assembled, all that it takes is wave of his beautiful wings to wipe out all of the heroes' work. It's strange his downfall was a result of a fat penguin's foresight and a certain speedy hedgehog who made a surprise appearance.

Saren-Mass Effect
He wants control and will betray his honor and allies to achieve. All it takes is a little mind control and some pistol work.

General Raam-Gears of War
If he sees you he doesn't stop to explain his plan like another generic villain (besides that plan being pretty obvious); he'll simply kill you. End of story.

Sephiroth-Final Fantasy VII
I don't particularly like Sephiroth; I hate him in fact. But how can I ignore someone whose attack can destroy a PLANET! But don't worry, it's just Pluto.

Chaos (All Forms)-Sonic Adventure DX
He's the god of chaos and will use you while you don't even realise it. In the end, he'll just drown the world.

Metal Sonic-Sonic the Hedgehog Series
Not a very reocurring character but he makes an impact when he makes an appearance. Before he launches an attack he figures out your moves and abilities. Know thy enemy.

Satan-Megame Tensai: Persona 4
Dude...He's Satan.

Double-Megaman X4
He's been cheering you on from the start of your adventure. Towards the end, he savagely kills all of your comrades. You can't help but feel violated with betrayal.

Ripper Roo-Crash Bandicoot 2
There nothing more for me to say than DAMN! That laugh is just disturbing. Not even that stray jacket will stop him from blowing you up.

Zant-The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
He is utterly insane. He is trying to usurp an entire kingdom. Even though he is being double-crossed he will still finish the one who betrayed him.

Ganon/Ganondorf-The Legend of Zelda Series
Ganon lives on for generations trying to kill the hero of time. He's had his fair share of double-crosses but he can put up a fight when he needs to.

These are my favorite videogame villains.

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Animation Nation

2009-04-24 17:17:35 by albatross412

Anime's are the true animated experience no matter where you are. Here are some of mine.

Black Lagoon-A fictitious crime/action anime set in the made-up city of Roanapor, Thailand. The only thing I can say about this one is BITCHIN!

Full Metal Alchemist-Three intros ever. Tons of appeal with a story deeper than a hooker's wind-pipe. Mediocre games though, but still the best anime alive.

Ninin Ga Shinobuden (Ninja Nonsense)-It's cute and bubbly but not for the young ones. It's always making fun of common anime stereotypes and the characters are simply hilarious! Too bad it is only a thirteen or so episode series.

Cowboy Bebop-Living with a devil may care attitude in the dead of space. Pretty sweet.

Hell Girl-You can get sent to hell for anything these days and Satan comes in the form of a little girl in kimono. Just visit their website and send any poor bastard to a price.

Pokemon (The earlier seasons)-You can't tell me that Pokemon wasn't the best thing since sliced bread. The show and merchandise officially made us Japan's bitch. Well played. Now the newer episodes are too embarrasing to watch. But you can't help singing the theme song whenever it is brought up, no matter whose watching.

Naruto-Pretty lame at times but has some of the most brutal fight scenes.

Dragonball Z-Need I say more?

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex-Androids and guns androids and guns! I'm done.

Ikki Tousen-I love seeing Japan overglorify its pervertedness. I know I said I hate hentai a dozen times but the show is worth laughing with its "What the hell" moments with a mix of some good fight scenes.

Shin Chan-Korean animation with american humor. I love it.

Inuyasha-Inuyasha is the G. No arguements.

Megaman-Who doesn't love the classic blue bomber. I hate the Battle Network versions.

Gundam-Big robots who've come to crush us! Make a bomb shelter with your porn mags!

These are some my favorite anime's and I'm looking for good finds.

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Like A Boss....

2009-04-23 23:14:21 by albatross412

I love videogame bosses. They are that extra little challenge that can seriously make or break ANY videogame. Tell me your favorite bosses and why you mentioned them. They have to be ones you've experienced personally; not just ones that you've seen someone else fight.

The Shadow Queen-Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door
She has intense attack power, very high health, and can steal HP, not forgetting to mention the abilty to raise her stats and unleash devastating charge attacks. One more thing....she can attack three times in one turn.

Quadraxis-Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
He has quite a bit of health and damaging this bastard requires morph ball skill. He's pretty sick looking as his name suggests. Not that hard to overcome.

Tabuu (Boss Battles: Intense)-Super Smash Bros. Brawl
It isn't just Tabuu himself but his entire goon squad on INTENSE! You can fight the first nine bosses tooth and nail but if you screw up once, you must restart from the BEGINNING! Tabuu's attacks can be very damaging to an instant KO. All this in less than ten minutes. A very frustrating and nearly impossible ten minutes. I actually bested this challenge two times out of five million attempts.

Lou-Guitar Hero III
I HATE GUITAR HERO! The only reason he's on this list is because I love Charlie Daniels and metal. You may be thinking that this should pertain to my favorite videogame music list, but the song itself is a boss battle and an unforgiving one as well.

Bouldergeist (Daredevil Comet)-Super Mario Galaxy
He's not particularly hard as some have suggested. His attacks are actually slow and easy to dodge, but one hit ends the fight for you. You can only fight him with one point of vitality and the Boombs (bomb-boos) have less than satisfactory control. He shouldn't be the hardest boss you'll ever fight but he's definately not the weakest.

King Dedede (Hard Mode)-Kirby's Dreamland
I love King Dedede because he was the first final boss I had ever played in a videogame when I was but a wee lad. At that time he was challenging but today he is but a cakewalk. But if you have the patience to play through the game's secret hard mode he can prove a little frustrating, but not so much.

Seth-Street Fighter IV
GRRRAAAHHH! Even on the easiest difficulty Seth pisses me off! Seth has unpredictable attacks, reach, projectile attacks, and teleportation! He's even got an effing super combo that's nearly impossible to block! I'd hate to see him on the game's hardest difficulty.

Xemnas (Final Form)-Kingdom Hearts II
I don't particularly like fighting Xemnas. He's a pushover, but that music is so beautiful and fits a decisive fight such as this one.

Eel-Super Mario Sunshine
This battle has you play dentist as you use FLUDD's high powered jets to clean a transgenderous eel's teeth. The purple plaque bubbles hurtling at you are what is going to get you. A fun little level and mini-boss.

Mew-Pokemon Snap
You got to stun its shield with a smoke ball before you can take the shot. This little sequence requires fast reflexes to complete.

Super Robot-Dexter's Lab: Robot Rampage
Keep slugging him with everything you got and maybe...maybe you'll come out on top. Beat hin and you can play as him.

Andross-Star Fox 64
This chimp doesn't think much of you. He thinks so little of you that he'll just swallow you up and chew you to bits. He really does that.

Inferno-Soul Calibur II
He's got three stages you have to fight through. You might feel a slight burning sensation.

Egg Viper-Sonic Adventure DX
The fight is pretty challenging as he is constantly taking out platforms (which has little room regardless) and he packs serious firepower. He's so confident he'll open his hatch to let you get a shot or two in (which can be difficult doing). In the end you may think you have won but he'll go in for a kamikaze as he crashes below. You'll have only about two platforms to travel between and he comes in quick. Make sure they're not spaced too far apart or you're screwed either way. I also dig the music to this fight also!

Well, these were my favorite bosses. Now let's hear yours.

Unite For Awesome!

2009-04-20 18:30:05 by albatross412

It has come to my attention that Namco x Capcom is only available in Japanese, ENTIRELY! There is an online petition that has been posted and they requesting the game's release in North America and the U.K. If the petition gets enough signatures then there is a strong possibility that the game will be available to U.S. and U.K. fans alike in full English (the voice-acting will still remain to retain the game's feel). For those of you who don't know the game is an epic tactical rpg featuring Namco and Capcom's best and brightest. Some characters include those from the Klonoa series, Ghosts'n'Goblins, Street Fighter, Soul Edge/Calibur, Megaman Legends, Tower of Druaga, and even villians from said series. The storyline is strong and the game play is strategic and polished. Don't let such a great game slip away from us. You can sign the petition on the official online petition website to sign it and get that game over here!

The Hunt Is On!

2009-04-20 15:56:14 by albatross412

I'm searching for a copy of Namco x Capcom (English dub) for the PS2. Got any tips?

A Sanctity.

2009-04-17 20:19:32 by albatross412

I just want everyone to know that you can speak your mind here. My account is where you can just SAY IT! Anyone harassing you will find themseleves blocked because I do not tolerate irrationality. Don't be offensive but be understanding. Be mature when you disagree and just say your opinion.

No racism

No religious bashing

No problems

Anything I or anybody deems offensive will have their comments deleted and blocked.

Some Assistance Please

2009-04-17 06:17:00 by albatross412

I would like to know how I Blam and Save something. I'm still getting used to some of Newgrounds' more advanced features.